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Numerology or Rumorology - which one is right for you?

I've heard that more people follow Rumorology in our modern world than at any time since the Dark Ages. Fear is a driving factor.

YouTube and the internet have ushered in a new age of Rumorology. Please be careful to accept only rumors that are actually, factually true.

Remember that an unverified rumor needs to be verified that it is indeed a rumor before spreading it or, as we rumorologists say, planting.

Rumorology: to ensure a rich harvest of rumors one must continually keep planting them. Recommended time is 6-8 weeks time to reach maturity.

Want your rumors to spread like wildfire? You have to fan them and pretty soon they'll be out of control.

Killing rumors, or rumorcide, isn't easy once they've already spread so care must be taken in the beginning.

No room for rumors! Well, at least the bad kind. Rumorcide was an official practice of the US Government. Many died.

The world IS a scary place especially if you believe all the rumors circulating. If you don't like those rumors, I'm here for you.

I've covered coverups like the 1948 Olympics Amazonian scandal, the truth about Catlantis & America's invention of the bombshell.

Some say my rumors are created in a mill or a recombinant humor lab. That's not true. Or by using randomocity. There is "some" truth to that rumor.

A few even think I make them all up. But there's no proof, no evidence. To my critics I say: "It's my tweet against yours. Prove it!"

Even the most reliable rumor sources can't be trusted. First rule of Rumorology: Extraordinary rumors require extraordinary doubt.


As tweeted by @MissionArtist in 2013


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