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Rumorology: dateline: 1940's: There are many rumors about the mysterious origins of this woman. Was she just a "Wonder Woman"? Or much, much more?


Was an Amazonian princess named Diana Prince fighting for America in World War II? This old film footage purports to show Wonder Woman in action.


Rumorologists have learned how she first came to be discovered and how she fought America's enemies in World War II.

It's hard to tell if she was really real because the story of her origin is almost beyond belief. Some say it was just wartime propaganda.


Rumor says that Wonder Woman's homeland was Paradise Island, a secret & hidden island inhabited by the Amazons of myth.

They say US intelligence agent Steve Trevor crash landed on Paradise Island and was nursed back to health by Queen Hippolyta's daughter Diana.

Diana then competed against other Amazons to become Wonder Woman, the representative from Paradise Island who would accompany Steve back to

"man's world" and aid in the fight against the Axis powers. Diana successfully competed in the Bullets and Bracelets event to win.


Ares, God of War

Diana's mother Queen Hippolyta possessed a magical girdle given to her by her father Ares, the god of war.

Wonder Woman's rumored origin may or may not be true. You can watch it here. It's very old.


Athough largely forgotten in time and space the Amazon princess known as Wonder Woman had a younger sister known as Wonder Girl.

Wonder Woman AND Wonder Girl? Wonder Girl kicked Nazis around and then left forever.

Was Wonder Girl real? Did she really come from Paradise Island like her amazing sister Diana? Experts need more proof.

Rumorologists have finally discovered what the 1948 London Olympics scandal involving beautiful super-competitive American athlete Diana Prince was really about.


Rumorology: why didn't Germany & Japan send sports teams to the 1948 London Olympics? Officially they were "occupied".

Prior to the 1948 Olympics beginning an American woman athlete named Diana Prince had successfully won a place on every US team.

The German team panicked after seeing news reports, some said she looked too much like their war-time nemesis Wonder Woman. They stayed home.

The Olympic Amazonian Scandal of 1948 occurred after Diana Prince swept every event. She tested positive for Ares blood & was disqualified.


It was all covered up and later news reports suggested the Olympic spectators had been victims of mass hallucinations during the events.

Was it unfair for Diana Prince to be disqualified? Since Diana was over 2,750 years old she had already competed in many ancient Greek Olympic games thousands of year ago.

Rumors like this are 100% unverified. Amazonian blood doping scandals? Germany afraid to compete in Olympics? One woman swept the Games?

Later Wonder Woman, still undercover as Diana Prince, tried to market a series of exercise videos. But too many eyebrows were raised again.

Her mistake was in not toning down her superb athletic abilities. Instead her exercise routines involved lifting boulders and automobiles.


The one country that did try to smooth things over after the 1948 Olympics Amazonian Scandal was Greece. Their Olympic committee said she

looked exactly like the famous statue of ancient Greece's most celebrated woman athlete. Rumors say that's because it was in fact Diana.


The statue does look almost identical to Diana Prince except that glasses hadn't been invented in ancient Greece yet.

There are additional unverified rumors that Wonder Woman and Stevie Wonder are related but it's still unconfirmed. There may also be a Diana Prince / Diana Princess of Wales link.

In 1993 some TV viewers claim to have sighted Wonder Girl on the David Letterman show. This video clip is the only available evidence.

And that's all the rumors we have time for today.


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