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Rumorology: dateline: 1940's - how America's race to develop the first anatomic bomb resulted in the world's biggest bombshell: Marilyn Monroe

Rumors that America was developing the Monroe Project were confirmed when Marilyn was unwrapped for all the world to see.

The early pictures of Marilyn Monroe that stunned the world cannot be shown here for security reasons. Foreign enemies may be watching.


The post-war, post-atomic generation of America was ready for anything but the first bombshell did cause a huge sensation. Arthur Miller

said re: Marilyn: "She knew she could roll into a party like a grenade and wreck complacent couples with a smile and she enjoyed this power."


1959: I was 5, living in New Brunswick, Canada and even I knew the names of Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot. Not sure why but I did.


One of the earlier first-generation bombshells was Dorothy Lamour. She was known for her volunteer work selling war bonds during tours

in which movie stars would travel the country selling U.S. government bonds to the public. Lamour reportedly sold $300 million

worth of bonds earning her the nickname "The Bombshell of Bombs".


Later, America's stockpile of bombshells continued to proliferate. To me, the most memorable next generation bombshell was Jayne Mansfield.

Not sure who Marilyn Monroe is? She's on Facebook. Well, in a virtual way since she died in the 1960's.

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