The origin of Earthport


In this image, Earthport stands 12 miles above the surrounding countryside as the Sun rises in the east. The Tower resembles an upside down wine-glass. Earthport City is just visible in the shadows at the base of the tower and the long-abandoned Alpha Ralpha Boulevard can be seen hanging unsupported high in the air. An enormous rocket facility covers the entire top of the Tower.

Earthport was built by the Daimoni, an advanced race of humans who came out of nowhere and later returned to the same place. Their spectacular architecture was as advanced as they were. Earthport is capable of resisting corrosion, erosion, age, heat, cold, stress and weapons. By 16000 AD, it has already stood virtually unchanged for millennia.

The Headquarters of the Instrumentality of Mankind is located at the top of Earthport.

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