Earthport Tower, Meeya Meefla, Old Earth

Located on Old Earth - Manhome itself, Earthport is the Headquarters of the Instrumentality of Mankind. The 12-mile high Earthport Tower is near the beach at Meeya Meefla (in what used to be the South Eastern United States). The enormous landing roof at the top of Earthport is the main spaceport of Earth.

First stop: there's a lot to see when visiting Earthport. Click on the "Earthport image super-wall" for a preview and brief introduction.


The Meeya Meefla Environment


Alpha Ralpha Boulevard


Explore the Meeya Meefla environment and learn about the origin of Earthport. The coastline and beach are quite scenic, with Earthport towering up into the sky. Hike up Alpha Ralpha Boulevard to the Abba-dingo, then continue up inside Earthport by dropshaft. After visiting the central arm hub and the headquarters of the Instrumentality, you can go up to the landing roof lobby at the top.

Ornithopter Patrol

  Arriving from Space

Go on a robotic police Ornithopter Patrol. This is a great way to get an aerial look at the Tower and it's surroundings. There are some excellent views while circling Earthport, high above Meeya Meefla.   Arriving from Space: You first land at the top of the tower, then go down the ramps to the lobby. The dropshaft in the lobby will take you down to the IOM floor, headquarters of the Instrumentality.

IOM Level at the Top of Earthport


 Earthport and Meeya Meefla in 3D

Go inside the restricted security IOM level where the Instrumentality of Mankind (IOM) meets at the Bell and Bank. The large spacecraft hangar on this segment is reserved for the Lords and Ladies of the Instrumentality. It is safe for visitors, however.   Experience Earthport Tower and Meeya Meefla in stereo 3D using red/cyan glasses. All the Earthport stereo images are gathered on one page.

Earthport Stereo Pairs