The Gem Planet Pontoppidan



 Sunrise from space on the Gem Planet

 The Gem Planet canyons, known as Dipsies





  The Hippy Dipsy

 Inside the Hippy Dipsy





 Closeup View Inside the Hippy Dipsy

Gem Canyon Mining


The Gem Planet has deep canyons called "dipsies" by the inhabitants of Pontoppidan. The famous Hippy Dipsy is spectacular beyond belief and features 6-kilometer high emerald cliffs and a tourmaline valley. Unfortunately the air on Pontoppidan won't be breathable for centuries. The Pontoppidans have to import soil (and even earthworms) to grow crops in their domed cities. Not surprisingly, the planet's economy is based on the export of high-quality gems. An unforgiving planetary security system guards their enormous wealth.


Gem Planet in Stereo 3D



Gem Planet Stereo Pairs