to Peru and Bolivia

August, 2017


The Elongated Tour

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My 1973 Atlantis Expedition to Cadiz, Spain and Galway, Ireland and 2016 Minoan Crete exploration trip webpages currently under construction are quite extensive in their own right. I think you'll find them interesting. I constructed them concurrently with this page.





My Peru-Bolivia Trip Was Inspired By Contact In The Desert


George Noory

Contact At The Desert is an annual 4-day conference at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center in the Mojave Desert of southern California. If you listen to top-rated nationally syndicated late night radio show Coast To Coast AM with George Noory you will be familiar with many of the conference speakers including George himself . I first heard about Contact In The Desert on his show in 2015 and it sounded like a pretty cool chance to see some of the top people in the field.

I've chatted with George several times since the first time we met at Contact In The Desert in 2015 (left pic). I explained who I was and we immediately had a lot to talk about. The middle pic was after George's birthday celebration bash at Contact in 2016. We chatted more but it was noisy. I had my best conversation yet with George at the George Noory Eat and Greet in March, 2017 in LA. I told him I'm bringing my new night vision goggles to Peru and Bolivia to see the night sky over Nazca and Tiwanaku-Puma Punku and he said he wants me to call into the show when I'm there. I've also chatted with long-time Coast To Coast AM producer Tom Dannheiser several times and he wanted to possibly have me on the show as a guest. I'll have to think about that! My job definitely has something to do with that. For more about me please see these posters at bottom of page


Erich Von Däniken

June 2015: I was able to see top ancient alien theorist Eric Von Däniken receive a lifetime achievement at Contact In The Desert 2015. He wrote the famous book "Chariots Of The Gods". I also got to see 2 of his presentations. After one of them I was able to meet him and explained about my participation with the 1973 Atlantis expedition to Spain. I was able to get myself invited to meet with Erich in Switzerland in the summer of 2015 when I was planning to visit Europe. I didn't make it to Europe but it was nice to be invited.

Contact At The Desert is an annual 4-day conference at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center in the Mojave Desert of southern California.

May 2017: Discussing my Peru-Bolivia expedition with 82-year old top ancient alien theorist Erich Von Däniken. Seeing his presentations at Contact In The Desert in 2015 and 2016 sparked my interest in traveling to Peru and Bolivia to see what he told us about for myself.


Giorgio Tsoukalos

Meeting famous ancient astronaut theorist Giorgio Tsoukalos at Contact In The Desert in 2015 (left) and seeing his presentations again in 2016 (right) and 2017 sparked my interest in traveling to Peru and Bolivia to see what he was he was presenting to us for myself. When Giorgio asked the large audience in Sanctuary Hall how many of us had been to see Puma Punku in Bolivia there were a surprising number of people who raised their hand. I thought to myself " I need to see it, too!" Giorgio describes Puma Punku as the "smoking gun", the number one most convincing archaeological site that suggest engineering technology so far beyond even the other advanced sites that it could only be from an extraterrestrial civilization. There is an origin myth around the Tiwanaku-Puma Punku area that says that is exactly what happened. Strange coincidence! Is it really true? Seems like it needs to be investigated to see what really happened there. Much of the site is still buried under mud. They need to get busy and excavate Puma Punku.


Brien Foerster

After seeing one of Brien Foerster's presentations at Contact In The Desert in 2016 I began to watch his YouTube Channel and get updates from Hidden Inca Tours, his tour company based in Cusco, Peru where he and his Peruvian-born wife Irene live. They offer very interesting tours of some of the world's most mysterious archaeological sites including Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Mexico and others. Brien has authored many books about his research findings and theories he's working on.

Brien's research into the many ancient mysteries in Peru and Bolivia sparked my interest in traveling there to see what he told us about for myself. So I signed up to go on the August 2017: Elongated Skulls Of Peru Tour. I'm planning to do some additional exploring before and after the tour, hopefully with other members of the tour group if they're interested. I'm researching Caral, the oldest known city in the Americas, as a possible side trip before tour begins and Tiwanaku-Puma Punku, Bolivia after the tour ends. See below for why Caral is so interesting.

Brien is at the forefront of researchers investigating some extremely strange discoveries that have been in the news worldwide this year. This pic was taken after seeing one of Brien's presentations at Contact In The Desert 2017. He had been in Egypt leading a tour not long before that. It was pretty cool to be in the audience and remind Brien at the end of his talk to mention the tour and announce that I was going on it. Everyone looked at me and several people came over to talk about it. They knew I was going to be seeing some very strange sights and have an "out of this world" experience. Perhaps quite literally!

Only at Contact In The Desert!


Jimmy Church

At Contact In The Desert 2017 I was sitting up close to the front during Jimmy Church's live broadcast of his radio show "Fade To Black". Jimmy did an hour-long show with almost all of the top stars of Contact including these three, from left: Giorgio Tsoukalos, Jason Martell and 82-year old Erich von Däniken, responding to everyone's applause. The next day I chatted with Jimmy. I showed him my new business card and he remembered meeting me briefly last year. He was interested then in possibly having me as a guest on this show. He said he was glad he ran into me and we discussed how to keep in touch so we can make it happen. Whether it's a good idea for me to appear is another subject but it's nice to be asked. In the meantime I'm working on this webpage and listening to "Fade To Black". It keeps me informed about a lot of interesting "Contact" type news.


3 customized business card designs for"Contact In The Desert"

From left: those 2 images are on the first card I designed specifically for Contact. The middle one is a montage of pics from the 1973 Atlantis expedition to Cadiz, Spain that I participated in when I was in college. I'm in 3 of the pics along with Gail Cayce, granddaughter of famed psychic Edgar Cayce, who was also a member of the expedition. On the right is the backside of my new business card designed for my trip Peru and Bolivia.



My Contact In The Desert Posters

My Contact In The Desert 2015 Poster


From the strangely advanced lost art world of ARTLANTIS

I measured and then compared the length of Great Pyramid's base vs. NASA's massive mobile launch platform "crawlers" and then made this image to scale. The crawlers are shown transporting the Great Pyramid. Note the size of the people.



My Contact In The Desert 2016 Poster



My Contact In The Desert 2017 Poster

Security was tight the day the Space Family Robinson was returned safely to Earth. They were rescued by a benevolent alien from a planet in a star system 37 light years from Alpha Centauri, their original destination before becoming lost in space.





Night Vision In South America

I'm bringing my new Night Owl night vision goggles to Peru and Bolivia. It's legal to take these goggles out of the US because they're only "first-generation" and not on the ITAR restricted list. They work quite well but the latest technology is better, of course. If you've been to Contact In The Desert you are already familiar with what they're used for at night under the starry skies at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center in the Mojave Desert.


Green and Red Signal Lasers with 20-mile range

If you've been to Contact In The Desert you're already familiar with what signal lasers are used for when combined with the night vision goggles under the starry skies at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center in the Mojave Desert. I bought these specificallly because they're so powerful, if I can believe the advertising. While most similar lasers have a 10-mile range this product claimed to have a 20-mile range.


Radiation Detection In South America

I'm bringing my new Geiger counter to check archaeological sites for higher than normal radiation levels.


Expedition to Peru and Bolivia

Route Map





 The Elongated Skulls Tour is from Aug 7 to Aug 16


The Elongated Tour - Caral

 My "Before Tour Plan" For August 2,3 & 4

I arrive in Lima August 1. I'm not flying to Cusco until Aug. 5. I'll have 3 full days to see museums and on August 4 I have booked a one-day tour to Caral which is several hours north of Lima. See All Inclusive Private Tour to Caral Archaeological Site from Lima. It's with Viator, a prominent tour company.


 Caral, oldest known city in the Americas

Caral was a thriving metropolis at roughly the same time that Egypt's great pyramids were being built. Caral is the largest recorded site in the Andean region with a date of 2,600 BC and appears to be the model for the urban design adopted by Andean civilizations that rose and fell over the span of four millennia. It is believed that Caral may answer questions about the origins of the Andean civilizations and the development of the first cities.

There is at least one other Monte Chico culture site that has been dated at being 500 years older than Caral. The question of which is the "oldest city in the Americas" is not settled but Caral is the most famous oldest city. The list of events in history that occurred around the very same time as the rise of Caral is interesting and is included below the images.

Caral on Google Earth




Watch Brien Foerster's YouTube video: "Oldest Pyramid Complex In The Americas: Caral"


Caral Gallery



Here's what Wikipedia says about Caral in Peru being a contemporary of Egypt's oldest pyramid - the step pyramid at Saqqara south of Cairo. I toured Saqqara in 1976.

It's interesting that Egypt and Peru both began building step pyramids at virtually the same time even though they are 7,500 miles distance apart. Caral also seems to have been a contemporary of early ancient Mespotamia, the advanced Indus Valley civilization of Harappa and Mohenjo-Dara, the construction of Stonehenge and the construction of the Great Pyramids and Sphinx, according to the selected timeline I constructed using 26th and 27th century BC events on Wikipedia.

Caral's Place On Historical Events Timeline


The Elongated Tour - Nazca

My "After Tour Plan" For August 16 & Beyond - CANCELLED

I'm considering staying in Nazca after the end of our tour in that area of Peru. The tour group will be returning to Lima August 16 but here's why I might stay:

Cahuachi, the city of the Nazca is only a short distance to the west. There are other interesting sites in the area including the mysterious ancient Puquio wells and the Band of Holes, an inexplicable line of holes climbing up a mountain. Follow the links to see Brien Foerster's videos about them. A particularly interesting experience would be to see the night sky over the Nazca Lines, possibly from the observation deck. I'm bringing the night vision goggles I bought specifically for this trip because there is reportedly UFO activity around Nazca. It would be a much more enjoyable (and safer) experience to have friends come with me. The recently reported discovery of the now-famous "alien mummies" allegedly found underground near Nazca are another reason to stay longer. It makes the idea of exploring around Nazca a lot more intriguing even if we don't know exactly what was found yet.

My "After The Tour Plan" would take around 2 or 3 days depending on what activities are planned. I'm not sure yet how to get back to Lima if we did this but it's definitely doable. The Paracas coast also is appealing if only there was time to enjoy it.

Cahuachi, city of the Nazca




Viracocha - Creator of Civilization 


The Elongated Tour - Bolivia

My "After Tour Plan" For August 19 & Beyond (dates to be determined)

I'm planning to fly La Paz, Bolivia to explore the archaeology museums and mega-mysterious Puma Punku and Tiwanaku. If possible, I'm also hoping to possibly drive to Patapatani to see the mysterious skeletons of a mother and unborn fetus that both have incredibly large elongated skulls. I'm bringing my night vision goggles because from what I've heard all of these sites may have UFO activity. The goggles only work at night and I know that's not going to be easy but that's what I am hoping to do. I'll have binoculars, too, to see the southern sky constellations and Milky Way in great detail. Brien's Bolivian author/investigator friend Antonio Portugal Alvizuri has assisted with my plan.

Of all the Elongated Tour options this is the one "not to be missed". After La Paz I'm flying home.


Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca exploration after Peru tour


2 important locations to explore after the tour are marked



Puma Punku - Tiwanaku   Patapatani mother and embryo skeletons with elongated skulls

Click on the graphics to watch Brien's videos about these

Antonio Portugal Alvizuri is a noted Bolivian archaeological mystery investigator and friend of Brien Foerster



Previous Exploration Experience

(click on the graphic links)





I was a member of this famous expedition when I was 19 years old and in college.

Click on the image for my 1973 Atlantis Expedition webpage (under construction)




1976 Egypt Atlantis Expedition including

the recording of Paul Horn's "Inside The Great Pyramid"

(Under construction)


 Ancient Egypt vs Modern Egypt!

41 years ago on May 3, 1976 while flying from London to Cairo, Egypt I looked out my passenger window and saw this during our approach. I didn't have a camera available but this is what I saw flying over the Giza Plateau.
Seeing what one of history's supposedly first civilizations had built nearly 5,000 years before our time was a profound and unsettling experience. We are not the only civilization that was capable of sophisticated architecture on a massive and precise scale. Who were these ancient Egyptians with their fully formed civilization at the dawn of history? It's one thing to read about the theory of an advanced ancient mother civilization called Atlantis and another thing to actually see what the Greek Plato wrote about. According to Plato, the constitution writer of Athens Solon was in a temple in Sais, Egypt when the priests told him that the Greeks were but as children who remembered only one flood (they have their own version of Noah's Flood but there were only 2 survivors) but that there were other previous floods the Greeks knew nothing about. They told Solon the story of a great power that existed 9,000 years before their time beyond the Pillars of Hercules aka the Strait of Gibraltar in the Atlantic Ocean. The entire story of Plato's Atlantis came from Egypt and it's curious that we now know that the polar ice caps were melting rapidly and drowning large areas of land at the end of the Ice Age in that 9000 BC time period. According to the theory of Atlantis Egypt's culture was a remnant of that earlier civilization. They knew about a great flood back then, at the very least.
Our civilization's buildings in Giza are almost insignificant by comparison to the view as you approach Cairo.
Academic scholars were convinced civilization couldn't possibly have existed that long ago. Then new discoveries like Gobekli Tepe, the world's oldest temple, were found to be 12,000 years old. Now it's anyone's guess. Academics are so slow to grasp new knowledge sometimes it's maddening. They repeatedly said myths like Troy or an ancient civilization on Crete didn't exist but time and time again the myths had truth to them. Recently the discoverer of the Titanic, Bob Ballard, proved that there was a catastrophic flood in the Black Sea area that he is convinced was the basis for the Noah's Flood story. He spoke at JPL and I saw his presentation. National Geographic funded him. I gave up my early college efforts to be an underwater archaeologist, there was too much science, not enough adventure. The world wasn't ready to listen to anything not already in the archaeology textbooks.

(as originally posted for a general audience on Facebook)



I also visited mainland Greece in 1969, New Grange, Ireland in 1973 and Stonehenge in 1976.




My First Edition of "Atlantis - Mother of Empires"

My great-uncle Don Maas owned this rare first edition of "Atlantis - Mother of Empires" which I later inherited. It was written by English architect-engineer and Maya and Atlantis researcher Robert Stacy-Judd in 1939.

My mother told me that Don had a psychic reading from the famous Edgar Cayce. Edgar's granddaughter Gail Cayce was a member of our 1973 Atlantis expedition to Cadiz, Spain.



Mayan Flood Scene

Photograph taken at an unknown Mayan site in the Yucatan by explorer Teobert Maler of a stone frieze showing a Noah-like figure escaping a deluge as a volcano erupts and a cyclopean structure collapses. The photo appears in my first edition copy of Robert Stacy-Judd's 1939 book "Atlantis - Mother of Empires". The author suggests it may depict the sinking of Atlantis and the Mayan legend of a great flood with only one or two survivors. See Mesoamerican flood myths on Wikipedia for more details, there are many of them.


Colorized Mayan Flood Scene

Colorized photograph taken at an unknown Mayan site in the Yucatan by explorer Teobert Maler of a stone frieze showing a Noah-like figure escaping a deluge, as a volcano erupts and a cyclopean structure collapses. The photo appears in my first edition copy of Robert Stacy-Judd's 1939 book "Atlantis - Mother of Empires". The author suggests it may depict the sinking of Atlantis and the Mayan legend of a great flood with only one or two survivors. See Mesoamerican flood myths on Wikipedia for more details, there are many of them.

I don't have any additional information or confirmation about the original photograph as to it's provenance other than that early Yucatan Mayan explorer Teobert Maler is said to have taken it.

About my image: I followed the color patterns from the "Destruction Of Atlantis" scene painted by architect-researcher-author Robert B. Stacy-Judd from my first edition copy of his 1939 book "Atlantis - Mother of Empires" which is reproduced below.





Please note: the Elongated Tour is not associated with Hidden Inca Tours, it's just my personal extended trip plans. We'd be completely on our own.

Also, I'm doing this trip for my own research and interest, it has nothing to do with any government agencies. For me it's a chance to combine several of my interests in one trip and have fun doing it.