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Dear Sun, how low can you go? Please come back!

Sun: Missed me, did ya? OK, let me turn this thing around.
I'll be back!

Earth: Silly old Sun, the humans know it isn't YOU that's moving, it's ME!

Sun: Oh, when did they finally catch on?

Earth: Not too long ago

Sun: Well, it was fun while it lasted, all 4.5 billion years. It seemed like Earth creatures barely noticed anything until humans came along.


Earth: You probably miss sun-worship. Those were your glory days.

Sun: Actually I was appalled at their rituals. But I must confess I was in love with several Egyptian priestesses of Ra as they called me, like Anck Su Namun.


Earth: Yes, I remember her. Wasn't she Miss Heliopolis 2000 BC?

Sun: Yes, she really loved me, too. But too late now.

Earth: She might still show up someday - better read ETERNITY EXPRESS.


As tweeted by @MissionArtist on the winter solstice, Dec. 21, 2013


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