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Ancient Egyptian Ankh, the symbol of eternal life


Journey to eternal life: The Eternity Express, ancient Egyptian style, required a major effort, specialized knowledge and skilled engineers plus 20,000 workers. But it was all worth it, according to ancient Egyptian beliefs.

And now for a word from a very old sponsor:

Will your loved ones be protected after you depart Earth? Be sure - and take them with you!

ETERNITY EXPRESS offers the most affordable afterlife insurance for Pharaohs. Ask about our family and pets plan. Mummy expense costs extra.

Who says you can't take it with you? Eternity Express Support provided by PYRAMIDS INCORPORATED. Payment due before departure.

Discounts available for large domestic household staffs. Estimate of complete Eternity Express afterlife insurance package only $2 BILLION.

Afterlife tax not included.


 Choose from our top of the line Pyramids.

Some construction necessary. There's nothing like departing Earth in grand style!


All Royal family members will be provided custom fit, Eternity Express pods called a Sarcophagus. Each is guaranteed to impress on arrival.


Eternity is waiting - we'll show you where!

Solar Boat expense extra.

It's a long trip to Eternity. Snacks provided.


Pyramids - Don't leave Earth without them.

And don't forget to bring your Gold Eternity Express Card. You may need it!


Giza Eternity Express service available only in 2500 BC. There is no direct service to other millennia at this time.


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As part of my 1973 Atlantis Expedition 40th Anniversary


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