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RAD: Radiation Assessment Detector

Principal Investigator: Donald Hassler, Southwest Research Institute, Boulder, Colorado

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is developing the Radiation Assessment Detector, or RAD, to characterize the broad spectrum of radiation at the surface of Mars. The investigation will determine the radiation hazards faced by future astronauts. MSL will be the first mission to investigate the radiation environment on the surface. There was to have been an instrument on the 2001 Mars Surveyor lander called MARIE. That mission was cancelled, however. The 2001 Mars Odyssey did arry a MARIE instrument that measured the radiation levels from orbit but the surface still needs investigating.




RAD is the Radiation Assessment Detector for the 2009 Mars Science Laboratory mission.



 RAD team testing

Arik Posner (L) and Donald Hassler (R)

The Radiation Assessment Detector is under development by the

Southwest Resarch Institute (SwRI), headquartered in San Antonio, Texas


SwRI Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD) Homepage


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"SwRI Radiation Hazard Instrument Selected For Next Mars Rover Mission", Jan. 2005
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