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Putin's already fabulously wealthy but I can imagine "new opportunities" in Crimea, the favored vacation area of Russia. Rich opportunities!

Poll made in 2011 found that more than 1/3 of Russians agreed with characterization of United Russia as "the party of crooks and thieves."

That's Putin's party, of course.

My advice to Crimea is hide your valuables and especially your prime real estate.

The "Thief In Chief" is coming for you, Crimea. Don't say I didn't warn you. He leads the party of corruption.


Party of crooks and thieves poster - a Russian burglar bear carrying his swag.

It says "United Russia Party of crooks & thieves!" aka Vladimir Putin's "party of power" that rubber-stamps his policies.

Stealing elections? How could anyone accuse such honest politicians of anything so devious & unethical? They don't know the meaning of ethics.

See more about the Party of crooks and thieves and Alex Navalny who pushed hard against Putin's corruption

Alex Navalny

Putin was not amused. As he typically does he had anti-corruption activist/politician Alex Navalny convicted of

embezzlement. Ironic to the max, that one. Accuse your accusers of what they accuse you of. So transparent it's breathtaking.

5 years sentence to a Russian corrective labor colony for Navalny. Labor camps still exist in Russia, so perfect for political prisoners.


The system of colonies was introduced as a post-Stalin replacement of the Gulag labor camp system. Here's a Gulag map.

Someday the Russian people are going to convict Putin of high crimes and misdemeanors, if they could just organize effectively against him.

One charge against him might even be embezzlement. I predict the $51 BILLION dollars spent on Sochi Olympics will someday be investigated.

You want to bring down Vladimir Putin? Take a page from his own playbook and, after an investigation, indict him for corruption. You're welcome.

I no longer find Putin amusing in the least. It's time for him to go! But, oh, what memories he left us. See Google gallery


Leader of the United Russia Party Vladimir Putin submersible photo op

Astonishing claim but unverified: "Vladimir Putin, the Richest Man on Earth"

In 2008, with Putin forced to give up the presidency after he had served two terms, then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice wrote in a

diplomatic cable that, according to a Russian opposition source, Putin was "nervously seeking to secure his future immunity from potential

law enforcement investigations into his alleged illicit proceeds." So he picked his trusted Dmitri Medvedev to succeed him. Putin is safe.

Superman is afraid of Kryptonite, Achilles heel was vulnerable, what Putin may fear most is investigating anti-corruption lawyers. Scary!


Reports from Crimea & major cities in Eastern Ukraine report Russian flags are flying. But look beneath the surface!

Headline: Seven World Powers Suspend Preparations for G-8 Summit in Russia

They've decided for the time being to suspend participation in activities associated with preparation of the June G-8 Summit in Sochi.


Putin Parrot: "Pieces of G-8?"

Not bloody likely.

"Pirates not welcome" sign is in force.

Take that, Russia!


So, the Pirates of the Crimean took possession of their prize but a rising tide is pushing them into allied waters.

How quickly the tides of war can change!


Back off, Captain Putin, or I'll give your broadsides a taste of cold turtle steel!

 - North Atlantic Turtle Organization



This has been "Pirates Of The Crimean"


Keeping the Black Sea safe from Putin's Special Pirate Forces is the responsiblity of everyone!  




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