End of the hike: return from Taseq West



Night-time in Greenland: I've just finished the big stream-crossing on our way back to camp, where the truck would take us back to town. It had been a long, hard hike back from Taseq West with a rock-filled pack so heavy that twice I fell in a very out-of-control way, both times perhaps almost breaking some left arm bones. I also carried a full hand-type bag filled with even more rocks. It was a classic case of personal Greenlandic overkill. I felt both extreme fatigue and extreme satisfaction because exploring Taseq West had been an incredible adventure. Having a chance to explore like that was why I came on Geo Adventure 2004.

Too bad we weren't able to spend the night up there so we could have gone "night-lamping" in the dark. I also felt sad knowing I would probably never return.

But the trip was only half over . . . .


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