Ringtail cats in the wilds of San Benito County

While exploring for fluorescent minerals in San Benito County I've seen lots of interesting wildlife including wild pigs, a bobcat, tarantulas, etc., but one year in September I stopped to investigate a streambed and saw these rare animals. The location was way out in the dry countryside but technically not that far from Hollister. Ringtail Cats are mammals of the Raccoon family.


 Look closely and you can see 2 Ringtailed Cats. This was my first good view of them as they slowly ambled up a still muddy creek bed in San Benito County.


 The Ringtail Cats were looking for food in the muddy remnants of a creek that had stopped flowing by September.



 I was not sure what they were at first. They seemed similar to raccoons but raccoons are nocturnal and these didn't look exactly like racoons.

 Notice the stream mud and debris. The Ringtails were interested in finding food in the mud like worms. The Ringtails had a dirty appearance.


 The Ringtails passed right below my location. I stayed very still and quiet. They were very close. Note the sensitive snout they use for locating food in muddy environments


 The pair took a break in the shade. Then they left and so did I. I drove further up the road until it reached a ranch gate, which was disappointing. I did find one new fluorescent mineral location near the end of the road.


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