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Sarah McIntosh Barnard

(Sarah Ann McIntosh)

Birth: Nov. 12, 1834, in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky
Died: June 25, 1910, in Chico, Butte County, Calif.
Buried: Chico I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Butte County, Calif.


Sarah was born in Paris, Kentucky in 1834.

 Panoramic view of Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1870

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She was 18 years old when she left Kentucky and made the difficult overland trip to California with her family in 1852. In California, Sarah married Allyn Mather Barnard on April 24, 1855 at the Lone Tree Ranch in Colusa County. Allyn was born in Monroe, New York on Feb.3, 1824. His father was Timothy Barnard and his mother was Julia Hills, both of Massachusetts.

The Butte County Great Register in 1878 listed Allyn as stablekeeper at Nord. He may have died on Feb. 18, 1902 in a Napa County, California sanitarium. Other sources state that he died on Jan. 31, 1902 in San Francisco or that he lived the last few years of his life at Half Moon Bay, just south of San Francisco. The Napa location was provided in a family diary, however, and is probably correct.

Sarah's daughter Marie Elaine Barnard, best known as Marie Russak Hotchener, grew up to be a singer and writer. She was a prominent member of the Theosophical Society. Marie became the international spokesperson for the Theosophical Society and lectured overseas on their behalf. She later designed houses in Hollywood, California. For more about Marie, see the link below on this page.


The "Barnard House" in Chico

The Barnard House is located at the northwest corner of Third and Normal Streets in Chico, Butte County, California. The house belonged to Timothy Barnard, who was the son of Allyn and Sarah.


Today the Barnard House is called Sapp Hall. It's now the Alumni House of Cal State University Chico.


"Built in 1884 by Dr. C. C. Mason, this house has had ties to the university from the beginning. On the corner of Normal Street and Third Street, Dr. Mason built a residence in the fashionable Italianate style. Mason was a Chico Normal School committee member, as was Timothy H. Barnard. Barnard bought the home in 1891, after Mason's death. Serving seven years as a trustee for the school, Barnard was also a Civil War veteran, a state assemblyman and the owner of Barnard Livery Company. In the early 1910s, Barnard remodeled the Italianate house with the addition of such Classical Revival elements as the column and portico in order to keep up with the current fashions in architecture." Photo courtesy of CSU, Chico IMC.

 Here is the CSU Chico history page regarding the Barnard House and Sapp Hall.


Allyn and Sarah's children

Infant Barnard, born in Princeton, Colusa County, Calif. but didn't survive.
Infant Barnard, born at Canyon House, Shasta County, Calif. but didn't survive.
Frances Elizabeth Barnard, born Sept. 15, 1858, Lone Tree Ranch, Colusa County, Calif. Died in 1942 in Auburn, Placer County, Calif.
Frederick Timothy Barnard, born Feb. 10, 1862 in Four Corners, Butte County, Calif. Died in 1932.

Marie Elaine Barnard, born Oct. 7, 1865 in Four Corners, Butte County, Calif.
She led a very interesting life and married three times. In addition to being a singer, writer and architect, Marie was also a prominent leader of the Theosophical Society. She died in 1945 in Hollywood, California.

Here is a page about Marie Elaine Barnard (Marie Russak Hotchener).

Julia Hills Barnard, born May 24, 1872 in Princeton, Colusa County, Calif.
Died in 1909 in Battle Creek, Michigan.
Sydnia Alice Barnard, born Oct. 3, 1876 in Chico, Butte County, Calif.
Died in 1961 in Oakland, Calif.


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