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It's not the number of followers you have that counts it's the number of counts that follow you. I have just one, Count Vomact. Thanks, Count!

Counts get their name for the obvious reason that they spend a lot of time counting their holdings, their fortune, and, yes, their followers.

These days they are usually assisted by accountants to assist when they're counting.

Other "count"ries have counts, of course. That's how countries got their name, lots of counting. Same as counties, of which there are many.

If you're a countess please contact my follower Count Vomact. His accountant says it's best for him to find someone to count together with.

Someone with good "a count ability" is the only requirement.

As for me, just a lowly mission artist, I don't count for much. But, hey, who's counting? Encountering the unknown is what matters to me.

You can count on me for more helpful information, anytime day or night, 24/7 Earth time, Mars time, anytime for my followers! 



As tweeted by @MissionArtist 2013


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