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I'm trying an experiment: first I will tempt Fate and then capture it in a Genie-style bottle - then I will be the master of my own Fate!

Traditional methods of tempting fate include playing golf during lightning storm and trying to race a train to the train crossing, etc.

But, knowing that the Fates are (or were) women across many cultures, I am thinking of tempting them another way.

New 2014 law: Affordable Fate Act mandates are now in effect. Supposedly it means that if you like your fate you can keep it.

Are you attempting to change your fate? You now have to follow government approved guidelines. Check to see if your Fates are still covered.

Bad news: looks like my Fate has been changed and was canceled today. It didn't conform to government guidelines.

So my new fate is "death" & "taxes". How is that "affordable?" That's why I need to capture my own fate. Just need to lure one into my trap!

The word "fatal" is still used as though it literally means "death by the Fates".
Fatality, fatal flaw, etc. are still in common usage.

So "Fatal Attraction" actually means attracting the Fates, in original sense. Gonna have to be as attractive as possible to tempt fate then!

So, in 2014, if you don't like YOUR fate, do what I'm doing and get yourself a new one.

Dear Fates aka Stella, Della and Cruella - please come visit me so I can tempt you with a nice dinner date and night out in Beverly Hills, OK?

Not sure what to wear when I go to meet my Fate. A date with Fate would be very interesting since you never know what your Fate has in store for you.

I'll tell you how to change your destiny next year, if the Fates allow.


As tweeted by @MissionArtist, Jan. 1, 2014


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