Welcome to Mars!

Views from the surface of Mars in stereo 3D.

Please use only red and cyan (light blue) glasses, the red and dark blue glasses won't work as well.


MER Color Stereo Images of Gusev Crater and Meridiani Planum

Spirit rover stereo images from Gusev Crater

Opportunity rover stereo images from Meridiani Planum

MER image gallery, including stereo



Previous surface mission stereo in chronological order


Chryse Planitia, site of Viking 1 landing



 Utopia Planitia, site of Viking 2 landing


The Mars Pathfinder lander in Ares Valles


Selected Pathfinder Stereo Highlights

Ares Valles Rock Garden

Rock Garden and Twin Peaks





Twin Peaks in Ares Valles

 Sand dunes




 Ares Valles and Twin Peaks  

  Sojourner rover in Ares Valles


 Three views of Sojourner rover



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