12 Signs of the Corbiac, as tweeted by @MissionArtist



Do you consider life's problems from multiple angles? You may have been born under the sign of Squaries.

There are more mathematicians and architects born under the sign of Squaries than any other.

The great love of those born under the sign of Squaries is applied mathematics. They can't get enough.

Some other signs misunderstand when they see a Squaries staring at them. They seem to be lost in thought but they are simply measuring you.

Other signs like Skeptio & Chancer complain that those born under the sign of Squaries are incapable of thinking "outside the box".

It's true that, mathematically speaking, Squaries can only think "inside the box". But give 'em room to grow & they become more 3-dimensional.

Two Squaries will fit together well. They also tend to be compatible with Skeptio because they are both logical and rational and never dull.

There are several ways to determine the age of a Squarius. First try looking at their driver's license.


As tweeted by @MissionArtist


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