Getting a closeup view of the Pathfinder engineering models (and the team)

Mars Pathfinder team members moving engineering model of lander out of "the Sandbox", Spring, 1998. From left: Kirk Goodall, Pathfinder webmaster, Dr. Bob Anderson and Dr. Tim Parker, both geologists and Rob Manning, chief Pathfinder engineer, on the right.

All the Pathfinder team members mentioned on these pages including Matt Golombek are now hard at work preparing to send the 2003 Mars Exploration Rovers (MER). Launch of the first one is scheduled for May 30, 2003. Quite a lot of the MER team is made up of former Pathfinder scientists and engineers. I'm involved with it, too, but not to the extent that those people are.

Click on this link to see some of what Matt and Parker (as Tim is often called) are currently working on.


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