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Phoenix Mars Lander




Phoenix touchdown

The Phoenix Mars Lander firing thrusters on it's way down to the martian surface.

Phoenix Mars Lander

Phoenix monitors the atmosphere overhead and reaches out to the soil below in my 2007 image of the spacecraft fully deployed on Mars.





Phoenix arm digging

The Robotic Arm Camera (RAC) and scoop as seen in a simulated below ground view

Phoenix arm delivering soil to TEGA


My latest Phoenix Mars Lander artwork

This is my most accurate version, created in 2008 before the landing. It was printed on a 3D postcard and handed out to the public during the 2008 JPL Open House. I had seen the actual lander up close and was able to update my model to make it significantly more accurate.

Phoenix Mars Lander Mission Twilight

This image probably became my most widely used Phoenix artwork.


Phoenix on Mars

This is my 2006 version of the original Phoenix artwork. It appears at the top of the Phoenix website.

First Phoenix Artwork

My 2003 image of Phoenix was part of the press release that announced it's selection as the first Mars Scout mission.



3D Images



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