Mission Artwork


Mars Polar Lander (MPL)

also known as the Mars Surveyor 98 Lander






Mars Polar Lander's aeroshell drops away Mars Polar Lander descending on thrusters




Mars Polar Lander on Mars Mars Polar Lander on Mars



Mars Polar Lander digging

Wtih stereo 3D version

 Mars Polar Lander 

This image was used on the Flight Operations Team laminated badges on landing day. I was thrilled that I got one, too, and it even had my name on it.



 Mars Polar Lander  - top view    Mars Polar Lander - bottom view





Lander arm digging 

Mars Polar Lander on Mars - top view

My original image of the Mars Surveyor 98 lander, later renamed Mars Polar Lander.


My Mars Polar Lander model in animation

Selected scenes from animation: The Mars Polar Lander model used in the NASA JPL animation shown at the time of landing was created by me. I sent the model and all the texture maps to animator Jeff Alu who used it to create the animation seen on CNN and other TV news stations worldwide. Looks familiar, doesn't it?


3D Images




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