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Mars Exploration Rovers

Mars Exploration Rover investigating ancient environments on Mars

Investigating ancient environments on Mars

Mars Exploration Rover twins on Mars
I submitted this "MER science logo" to the rover team logo contest but it wasn't selected. In fact no particular logo was ever selected. No one knew at the time but the rovers did venture down into Martian craters, just as I depicted. The color on the crater walls are simulated Mini-TES data.




My updated MER model
This may have been my best version of a Mars Exploration Rover. It was used on the JPL rover homepage. It was also printed on a mouse pad, which I still use.




My MER rover model
Mars Exploration Rover press release image from August, 2000. It's interesting historically because it was the first one.





Even earlier was this Mars Sample Return rover image based on JPL's FIDO. My old artwork showing what was then called the 2001 Athena rover. The Athena eventually became the Mars Exploration Rover.



3D Images


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