12 Signs of the Corbiac, as tweeted by @MissionArtist


MAURUS the Gold Sign

If you want your romantic partner to sweep you off your feet with the best of everything that money can buy you should try dating a Maurus.

The ancient symbol for Maurus the Gold Sign is a luxury yacht.

Madonna's "Material Girl" is a favorite song of those born under the sign of Maurus.

Maurus weddings are the biggest in the land & their arrivals at school reunions are legendary in stretch limousines surrounded by luxury.

Dating advice: Maurus and Flirgo are a good match. Neither one minds being used if it makes them look more successful.

Other signs like Skeptio and Nisces can be offended by the background credit checks that a Maurus needs to run.

The Sleep Signs Napricorn, Sleebra & Meo will have to pick up the pace if they date Maurus but the rewards are worth it: spas & silk sheets.

Zeena would enjoy a life of contented pampering, too, she just informed me.

The sign that a Maurus is the most attracted to is Imagemini. They are perfectly matched in their belief that image is everything.

Maurus are generous supporters of the arts. Their support led to many works of art, music & architecture produced by the imagination of Imagemini.

My perfect match might be someone with the artistry of Imagemini, sex appeal of Flirgo, sweetness of Nisces, the lifestyle of a Maurus and the good taste of Chancer.


As tweeted by @MissionArtist


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