Lydia Cornell 3D Gallery (with Deborah Van Valkenburgh)

As Sara and Jackie Rush on Too Close For Comfort



Use red and light blue glasses to view















Stereo Pairs

View these stereo pairs by isolating them on your monitor with no distractions for best results. Move back from screen a bit, cross your eyes and 3D will appear on the left.








3D by Corby Waste

How is this possible?

I made these 3D images by my own experimental process directly from the "Sara Rush #1" tribute video on YouTube. These were the only 3 scenes I was able to create from that video. They required Lydia and Deborah to be almost completely still yet with just enough movement that the next available "stop frame" on YouTube had the right amount of angle change, slightly left or right. I tested many scenes before finding these 3. I couldn't get all the cast members in 3D but I tried. It seems like my technique shouldn't even work, according to the normal way of shooting stereo with converging lines. I'm not sure how I made it work but it does and that's all that really matters.


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