I've created most of the Mars Exploration Program artwork since 1998.

Including More Than 2 Decades of Mars Sample Return

I've also created many other planetary mission images, see below.


Mars Sample Return Mission Art
Here are the 6 sets of MSR images I created going back to 2003









My Mars Sample Return Mission Art In The News



My Mars Sample Return Mission Concept Study Covers

From the 2010 Planetary Science Decadal Survey



My Mars Sample Return Astrobiology Magazine Covers



My Mars Sample Return Art Published In Books




Mars Mission Art Mural Posters





My Most Widely Seen Mission Art


My Most Widely Seen Solar System Mission Art








My InSight Mars Lander Logo On The International Space Station

and on Landing Day



My Mission Art On NASA Posters



Two Mission Logos I Created Launched Into Space



March 10, 2006: The entire MRO MOI team wore these maroon polo shirts with my logo on it.



My NASA mission art was published on six LPI Bulletin covers

LPI is the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Arizona, one of the world's top planetary geology institutes. LPI created the covers and included my art. My art appears in a number of Bulletin issues as well. I've worked with the Director of LPI Dr. Louis Procktor, a top planetary geologist, on her Trident Discovery Program proposal to send a spacecraft to investigate Neptune's moon Triton



My Mars Mission Art Mini-Posters