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Do you like to go wandering about, seeking pleasure? Maybe you're too busy but you would if you could? The word for that is "galavanting".

Not all who wander are lost. They may be galavanting. It also means looking for amusement. The Muse of Amusement can help you find it.



We students of the art of amusement owe a lot to the great philosopher Ferris Bueller. He taught millions the importance of galavanting.

The Department of Education has strict regulations that prohibit the screening of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. If you've seen it you understand.

The Department of Homework Security labeled Ferris as a direct threat to school law and order.

Ask yourself this question: wouldn't you rather be galavanting? Today is perfect. The weather is fine. There is amusement to be had. Do it!

T minus 1 and galavanting. Where will the crew of Bueller One be heading? Do they have a map? Where they're going they don't need "maps"!

Launch Control: G-1 maneuver complete. You are go for boredom separation, Bueller One. Have a nice galavant!

Just call school or work and tell them you can't come in today because you're following Mission Artist. To the beach. In 15 minutes.

Ok I'm at the beach playing hooky. Where are you? You were supposed to meet me here. You don't know any game named hooky? Back to work then!


As tweeted by @MissionArtist in August, 2013


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