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Spotted this flag in several Egypt protest pics today - does anyone know what it is?

Grim Reaper is having a great week in Egypt. Even huge banners with the deathshead skull are being waved by crowds. Death is in the house!

Death is a little bit short handed so he's working hard to whip people up into a death frenzy. Death Now Hiring, No Experience Necessary.

ME: Death, I see you're having a banner week but the neighbors are offended by the horrible stench. Any comment?

DEATH: Turn that camera OFF! I told you! You're gonna give death a bad name.

ME: You're scaring me.

DEATH: Don't fear the reaper.

ME: Sorry, but I can't use your suggested headline "EGYPT WELCOMES DEATH".

DEATH: I like you, kid. You know my history. You appreciate the classics. Come. Join me. Do you want to live forever?

ME: Aye, I do!

DEATH: Wait, I've seen your face before! Aren't you that scurvy little worm that helped turn the world against my boy Saddam and his sons?

ME: Aye, I did.

DEATH: I had a great gig going in Iraq for years, you ruined it. We were like family. By the way where did you say you live?

ME: That's for me to know and for you to find out. You want my life? Come and take it.

DEATH: Feisty one, aren't you? Must be Scottish.

ME: I am but my Swiss, Dutch, English and French DNA can't stand your guts either. You smell terrible.

DEATH: Tell me about it.

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