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Which came first - the mission artist or the egg? I am egg-born. It's true. My egg was a bit more evolved but still an egg.

My mission artist job is to show concepts conceived by others. My life started when my parents conceived me in Vancouver, BC. What a concept!

Next the concept had to be approved and adequate funding procured. Then launch preparations were made and I was "born" in Santa Monica, California.

I'm the 2nd son of a 2nd son. I was conceived to be born and born to conceive. Concepts, that is. Lots and lots of 'em: my JPL Mission Artist Gallery

Now if only I could find a cool chick. Egg-born like me.

I'm not particularly immaculate (perfect) in my house keeping. But I do alright. My concepts keep me too busy to be immaculate.

One must not be confused: the term getting laid applies strictly to eggs. Got that? OK! Glad we cleared that up. 



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