Together with Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, it was one of the earliest complex civilisations, and of the three, was the most extensive  
Ganweriwala was one of the largest cities within the Indus Valley Civilisation but is the least explored. Ganweriwala was the most significant site due to its size. Mughal estimated it to be similar to that of Mohenjo-daro and Harrappa, the two capital cities of the Indus Valley Civilisation.
Bhirrana dated to 8th-7th millennium BC  


Amri, Sindh

 Amri is an ancient settlement in modern-day Sindh, Pakistan, that goes back to 3600 BC. The site is located south of Mohenjo Daro.
Lahuradewa, India

The site is noted to have been occupied as early as 9,000 BCE,and by 7,000 BC it provides the oldest evidence of ceramics in South Asia.

Excavations reported earliest archaeological sites in the world for cultivation of rice, with Lahuradewa Period IA giving samples that were dated by AMS radiocarbon to the 7th millennium BC

Chopani Mando

 Remains of pottery and rice have been found from 7000-6000 BC

Chopanimando is an important archaeological site, which indicates transition of humans from food gathering society to food production society