12 Signs of the Corbiac, as tweeted by @MissionArtist



Born under the sign of Chancer? They are crabby and complex and are easily offended by seafood restaurant chain ads offering their cousins.

Legends of the night sky: the hero Hercules took Chancer out to dinner. It was never seen alive again. But it did become a constellation.

The song "Born Under A Crab Sign" is Chancer's favorite.

I was born under the sign Imaginarius. Are you? I do recommend having Chancers over for dinner. But to Skeptios they're an acquired taste.

The song "Tainted Love" is about when Chancers turn bad and go through relationship crackups. Smelly situations best to be avoided.

If you're born under the sign of Sleebra and you catch the eye of a Chancer, let go of it immediately. Their eyes should be avoided.

Napricorns and Nisces get along well with Chancers. All other signs should keep a safe distance.

When a Chancer wants something they snap it up immediately before it can get away.

Some of you may be Skeptios, a conservative sign. They frequently take Imaginarius and Imagemini out on dates but refuse to take Chancers.

If you get bored by Sleep Signs like Napricorn and Sleebra I recommend giving Chancers a chance. They have excellent taste.


As tweeted by @MissionArtist


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