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In my opinion the sexiest seabirds are Bond gulls.

Bond gulls preferred habitats include beaches in Monaco and the Bahamas, especially near casinos.

Gullfinger and The Man With The Golden Gull both featured world-class Bond gulls.

Bond gulls are usually European or sometimes Asian. American Bond gulls have been sighted but their accents aren't genuinely sexy like the others.

Live And Let Fly and Skyfall both featured beautiful Bond gulls that didn't survive to the end of the movie.

In The Gull Who Loved Me there's a scene where Miss Pennyfeather flirts with Bond. Or was that scene in all 23 movies? Poor gull.

Beachraker and A View To A Fishkill both starred Sir Roger Moore and a flock of Bond gulls as usual. They were easily forgettable American gulls.

But who can forget the American Bond gull Tiffany Case? She used all her feminine charms to get what she wanted because, after all, diamonds are a gull's best friend.

Bond gulls are not to be confused with Bond girdles, they're totally different.

Bond Gull Tweet Disclaimer
Any resemblance to any other world known or imagined is purely coincidental.


Going back to my Bond gulls tweets earlier: Bizarre coincidence! The real James Bond was a West Indies ornithologist.

That James Bond lent his name to Ian Fleming's famous spy. I kid you not. I may have read that long ago but had completely forgotten it.

I discovered this oddity when I was googling for images to use to create a Bond gulls tweet story title and then I

saw ornithologist James Bond holding seabirds, almost gulls. Too strange!


As tweeted by @MissionArtist on March 30, 2014

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